Slime creates sticky situation for parents and stores

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Slime is making a comeback from the 90s. Try to go to Target, WalMart, or any big box store and you may not find glue. Specifically, the kind of glue that most kids use.

There's a glue shortage because kids use it to make slime. In fact, Elmer's glue sales doubled in December as how to videos started to go viral and they still are.

It means glue or Borax can't stay on the shelves. Last week, I called Target stores in northeast Ohio, including North Olmsted, Fairview Park, and several others. All were out of both products.

It's because they are the main indigents used to make slime.

"Lakeshore is all about making learning fun, we love that this trend is helping kids learn and really the science behind what makes slime," said Beachwood's Lakeshore Learning Center store manager Christina Petric.

Dante Centouri is a scientist and the Director of Creative Productions at the Great Lakes Science Center. He showed us how to make slime.

"These are non-toxic. I would not recommend young children doing this," said Centouri.

It takes diluted glue, diluted Borax, food coloring, shaving cream, or sparkles to make the perfect slime.

The only dangers are making sure toddlers don't think it's candy and kids don't pour the solutions down the drain at the same time.

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