Chesterland business loses roof during powerful overnight storm

CHESTERLAND, OH (WOIO) - A local business in a Chesterland strip mall lost the roof during a powerful overnight storm.

Red, Wine & Brew, a beer, wine, and cigar store on Mayfield Road sustained heavy damage during the weather that moved into area on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

"It's a weather event that clearly can't be planned for and has to be dealt with after it happens," said William Kirby, the owner of the Chesterland strip mall.

"It was like a big vacuum cleaner and when you pass over a flat roof like over these where the construction was not all that good, it picked the weakest roof and just sucked it off," said Elmer Griebler, who lives nearby.

Winds reached at least 60 mph.

Now crews in Chesterland are picking up the pieces and assessing the damage.

"The roof is acting like a siv than an actual roof so that is the reason for removing the metal on there as son as we can remove that metal, we can put down a high density plastic tarp," said Kirby.

Kirby is grateful no one was hurt.

"My objective is onward and upward, you can focus on the moment and cry all you want but that's not gonna do anything," he said.

Kirby says he's not sure when the store will be back open for business and has no idea how much damage is on the inside of the store.

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