HELP HERE: Emaciated dog rescued in Gallipolis

SEVEN HILLS, OH (WOIO) - The Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. is trying to nurse an extremely sick dog. Oliver and another dog were confiscated by local authorities in Gallipolis, on Tuesday.

"He is going to be with us for awhile, he's going to be going through some extensive medical treatments," said Rachel Daw, President of Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.

It's a non-profit that helps really sick dogs get the help they need.

Right now he weighs 29 pounds, but he should be almost double that.

"This little guy got up here yesterday and had his tail wagging the whole time.  He was so excited to see us," Daw said.

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After an anonymous tip, Oliver and another dog were taken from a home in the southern part of the state.

"What we do as an organization is we travel from the county facilities and we will take dogs out of the shelters and we will rehab them, get them nice and healthy and ready for a new home," Daw said.

Oliver was so dehydrated he needs a constant IV drip, and they have put him on a strict feeding schedule. Veterinarian Lisa Perry from Broadview Animal and Bird Hospital is keeping a close eye on Oliver.

"We've got to be very cognizant of refeeding syndrome. We're going to start by feeding him very small increments 4-5 times throughout the day with food that's high in protein, high in fat, and high in carbohydrates," Perry said.

Aside from being emaciated, Oliver has heartworms, dental problems, and other issues.  It seems like he's knows he's in a good place now.

"He's handling it all really great. He's very resilient," Daw said.

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