Water continues to leak into man's basement after Harvard Avenue demolition

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is impossible not to notice that something is wrong when you go down the steps and into David Green's basement. He says problems began when the Land Bank demolished a home next door.

It might be the inch of water. It might be the sound of water splashing underfoot as Green heads over to pick up a broom and sweep the water toward his sump pump.

"Every morning when I get up, I have to push the water like this," he said. "Over here, this is my sump pump."

He does the same routine at night.

When the home next door was demolished, water was never shut off and leaked for days. That problem was fixed after he called the Water Department.

But the leak into his basement continued.

Green made call after call with no results. The Water Department told him it was likely a sewer problem, but sewer officials said it was not sewer water and told him to call water again.

All this time the water continued to leak.

Green even located a leaking valve a few doors down and pointed it out to the sewer people. They say they couldn't find it. It is clearly visible on Harvard Avenue.

Frustrated, Green went to Cleveland 19 reporter Paul Orlousky's "Orlo Wants To Know" segment. After his calls there are now promises to reevaluate Green's problem. Workers will be in the area Friday to replace at least two leaking valves nearby. There is also a promise to work with Green to find the problem.

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