Toddler rescued from locked car after adult overdoses on heroin

Dollar General in Chardon (Source: WOIO)
Dollar General in Chardon (Source: WOIO)

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - A Dollar General employee rescued a toddler locked in a car, after the adult od'd on heroin in the front seat.

It happened on Feb. 25 in the parking lot of the Chardon Dollar General.

The woman called 911 and then took a hammer and broke out the passenger side window. The toddler was not hurt, but he was bright red, soaked in sweat and had a dirty diaper.

EMS responded and gave William Kelly, 46, multiple doses of Narcan. After he came to, Kelly was transported to a local hospital.

He pled not guilty at this arraignment in Chardon Muni Court to the charges of child endangering and physical control.

Kelly remains out on bond until his next court date, which has not yet been set.

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