CMSD student said she was attacked by adults inside school

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - School is the one place where you expect your child will be safe, but one parent tells us that's not the case. She said three adults came into the Cleveland Metropolitan School and assaulted her daughter.

"I would feel like the school, John Adams, they failed my daughter and myself," said mom, Bianca McDuffy.

Bianca McDuffy said her daughter, Virque, and another student don't get along. In fact, Bianca admits they've gotten into a few arguments over the school year.

"We had a little altercation and she spit on me," said Virque Johnson.

That was in early February. This week Virque said the girl and her friends showed up at her work, but her boss made them leave.

"As they were leaving, she yelled out, we'll catch you at school," Virque said.

Cell phone video shows as the two passed each other in the hall Wednesday morning, they started fighting. Security broke up the two, and Virque was told she would be suspended for 5 days, and to wait by the door for someone to pick her up.

Virque tells us a student opened the door and let the family members in. That's when she said they assaulted her, inside the building.

"Her daughter was like, no that's her. They came back out," Virque said.

Virque says the other girls adult family members attacked her.

"She can't instigate three adults walking into a school and attacking her. You can't instigate that," McDuffy said.

McDuffy took Virque to the emergency room to make sure she was ok, but she is still shaken on what could have happened.

"It's that easy just to go in to the school and harm a child. Say they had a gun, they could have gone in and killed my daughter and anyone's child. Yesterday could have been my daughter's last time being alive because of negligence on their part," McDuffy said.

We reached out to both the school district and the police department. Neither got back to Cleveland 19.

McDuffy said she wants to press charges against the adults. She also wants the district to take security steps to make sure this can't happen again.

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