4 things Clevelanders need to get over

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - National Get Over It Day is March 9 and there are a few things Clevelanders just need to get over.

The day was originally created to let go of the hurt from a breakup by Jeff Goldblatt. The day is purposefully cushioned between Valentine's Day and April Fools Day.

It's a good day to let go of things that have been hurting, angering and confusing Clevelanders. So in the spirit of the holiday, here are nine things Clevelanders just need to get over.


Lifers know that Cleveland is going to see four seasons in one day. Clevelanders also know that sometimes it's 70 degrees in sunny in the winter and sometimes it's going to snow on Easter and Halloween. We just need to get over it. (And know how to drive in the forever changing weather.)


Several times it's been reported that Ikea is trying to break into the Cleveland market, but alas, Northeast Ohio still is without furniture retailer. Pittsburgh isn't too far away and a Columbus location is opening soon, so there's at least locations within driving distance. Plus, think of all the relationships that are saved from not going to Ikea in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns finished the last season 1-15 and a large group of people in Cleveland were disappointed they couldn't throw a 0-16 "perfect season" parade. Maybe it's just time we get over the fact that the Browns will not be winning a championship anytime soon.

Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Wendy's decided to quietly remove spicy chicken nuggets from its menus in the Cleveland area last month. The fan-favorite is still available in select cities, but a Wendy's spokesperson did not say where they are still a menu option. There are a lot of fast food and nugget choices in the area, so it's time to say goodbye to the spicy nuggets at Wendy's in Northeast Ohio.

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