Potent drugs in Huron County cause an overdose outbreak alert

Potent drugs in Huron County cause an overdose outbreak alert

HURON COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - According to the Huron County Public Health Department, an overdose outbreak alert was issued for Huron County because of an abnormally potent batch of drugs in the area.

The alert was issued just before 8 P.M. on Thursday. A post to the County Public Health Department's Facebook page stated there were more overdoses in the County than expected.

The overdose warning was scheduled to last until Friday evening. The alerts expire in 24 hours.

The alerts are meant to provide a warning for communities and emergency personnel that they may see an increase in overdoses in the area.

According to Elaine Barman, Health Educator for Huron County Public Health, "By notifying the public, this gives our community members the chance to be part of the emergency response. If they have a loved one who has a history with opiate use, they can do what they can to help prevent an overdose."

On the Facebook post, the health department suggested several resources, including calling 911 for overdose emergencies, contacting the Huron County Public Health Department for a Narcan kit, or contact the health department for additional abuse resources by calling 211.

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