East Cleveland garbage problem smells unbearable in warmer temperatures, says resident

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They come like thieves in the night. But they're not stealing anything, they're dumping garbage, tons of it. East 133rd Street in East Cleveland appears to be ground zero.

As you walk down the block you can pick a yard, any yard and you'll find all kinds of debris piled up. Dumped with no consideration for anything than saving a few bucks to take the stuff to a landfill.

Pick a type of debris and it's probably here. Enough mattresses to fill the Hilton, tires, old televisions, carpet, scrap lumber, building debris, furniture, and bags of who knows what.

Doug Walton lives on the street and says he has complained repeatedly.

"They gave me 100 excuses, they were coming and the truck broke down, they were coming and they had an accident, they were coming and the guys got off early, you know stuff like that. Lot of excuses, no action," Walton said.

Walton has to use a wheel chair to get around, sidewalks are impassable, and at times so is the street. Continue reading the full story here.

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