Shelby Miller trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 7

Shelby Miller trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 7

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The cold weather hasn't been the best for Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon week 7 training, so the treadmill has been my friend!

This week's long run is back up to 12 miles, but the good news is the temperatures are heading back up too. Sunday looks like it'll be partly sunny and in the upper 40s, which makes for pretty good running weather if you ask me.

Hands down, my favorite trail to run is the Emerald Necklace. It's great! The diverse trails, the wildlife, the river, the paved pathways - I'm a big fan. It's a gem to have so close to downtown Cleveland. When I don't run the Emerald Necklace, I usually head over to Edgewater Beach or the Towpath, (If anyone has any other recommendations, I'd love to know!)

Last week, I mentioned the course map that came out recently. Hopefully over the new few weeks I'll be able to head out and run some of those areas to get a little more familiar with where we're running in May. Before the marathon, I'll be running a half marathon Nashville at the end of April - it's definitely more hilly than Cleveland, so it'll make for a good training run!

If you're training for the marathon or the half marathon, please let me know! I keep updates on Twitter and on Facebook.


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