Recycling plant closure may be contributing to East Cleveland trash problem

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Garbage from illegal dumpers is continuing to pile up in East Cleveland.

A Cleveland 19 exposé on one street got huge attention on social media. After touring other city streets, it is clear that the situation is widespread. On main streets near busy intersections there are truckloads of trash. In driveways between homes, trucks have pulled up, dumped their load, and fled.

Illegal dumpers do so to avoid paying tipping fees at licensed landfills, but there could be another reason. A massive debris recycling plant in the city has been closed down by the EPA.

Arko Recycling was cited for allowing debris to pile up four stories high. They accepted trash and fees from people but did little to recycle the stuff. The EPA called it a hazard and ordered it cleaned up, but there is no evidence that a clean up is under way.

The closure leaves people who have debris with one less choice, and some choose to simply dump the stuff on one of the many abandoned lots in the city.

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