Historic 'Rezzy Dam' in Massillon could be torn down

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - Massillon City officials have been given notice -- repair Sippo Creek Reservoir Dam or tear it down.

The order came down from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The dam is in danger of overflowing during a major storm.

The historic dam, also known as "Rezzy Dam," is more than 100 years old.

Some say they come to Reservoir Park just to see and hear it.

"We started to walk that way and I said, let's go this way, we call it the falls," said one woman.

ODNR wants city officials to lower the damn by 4 feet.

"The water always flows over and when we get heavy rains that water flow becomes heavier and heavier and I think that's where the ODNR concern is," said Joel Smith, Director of Public Safety & Service.

Smith says repairs could be costly---upwards of $800,000. Money the city doesn't have because it's still in a fiscal emergency.

Tearing it down costs too and the damn would go back to it's natural state, a small stream.

Those who enjoy the park say, it won't be the same.

"I think there would be a difference. I think there would be a difference," said Jerry Gross.

"We are seeking an extension on our timeliness...we have to come up with a solution here," said Smith.

Officials have been meeting  with construction crews and contractors about the repairs.

They will present that info to the city council next Monday.

The state has given public safety officials until March 27.

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