Trees removed along I-480 near Brooklyn to make way for sound barrier

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - Crews have gone to work and started removing trees along Interstate 480 near the city of Brooklyn.

Jerry Sweda has lived in that area for a long time and says the noise from the interstate doesn't bother him.

"First two years we couldn't stand it, after that you don't even know it's there," he said.

Some of his neighbors disagree. So many went to the city of Brooklyn complaining, the Department of Transportation has decided to build sound barrier walls.

"Folks living in that area have just gotten used to it," said Amanda McFarland, from the Ohio Department of Transportation. "As of recently, things have gotten louder."

To reduce noise, a wall of trees would have to be about 100 feet thick, McFarland said.

Once the new wall is built, residents can expect noise levels to reduce eight to 10 decibels.

"I would rather have the trees, myself," Sweda said. "I've seen those walls up and down 71. After a few years they are disasters. They are cracking, and they are ugly."

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