Trees smash cars, bring down power lines across NE Ohio

Trees smash cars, bring down power lines across NE Ohio

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Multiple crushed cars sat under a giant tree in the parking lot of Avon Lake High School Wednesday afternoon.

"I was very shocked. I wasn't sure what to think, because it's not something I ever expected to happen," said Avon Lake High School Junior Clare Heintel.

The tree smashed a handful of student cars. It shattered glass and even crashed through a few of the roofs. Heintel's car was parked in the line of damage. The weight of the tree broke her windshield and dented up the hood.

"I went to leave school and I went to walk out and there were a couple police officers and the tree was all over everyone cars, which was very surprising," said Heintel.

Avon Lake police got the call around 2:20 p.m., which is when students were leaving class. No one was hurt, but it took crews a couple hours to clean up.

First Energy said winds reached 65 mph Wednesday. Across Northeast Ohio, winds whipped stop lights, shook signs, and rocked flag poles.

"With 100 foot tall trees, it gets a little scary sometimes in the wind," said Bay Village homeowner Paul Lang.

In Bay Village, police blocked off a portion of Wolf Road after high winds brought trees down on power lines. It all happened right outside Lang's house.

"Around 2:30 p.m. the first tree fell and then around 5:30 p.m. the poles broke down and there were a lot of sparks of electricity. Police came and roped off the street," he said. "I saw the first tree fall across the street as traffic was coming, but no one got hurt or anything."

Lang said his power flickered all evening. Wednesday evening, he said crews had no idea when any of the mess in front of his home would be fixed.

Not only did strong winds bring down trees and power lines in Northeast Ohio, they're also affecting air travel. Airlines diverted flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to other airports, including Pittsburgh, because wind gusts can create dangerous landing conditions.

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