City workers caught sleeping on the job fired after Carl Monday investigation

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Three Cleveland Public Power tree trimming workers have been fired after a six month Cleveland 19 investigation showed them sleeping on the job.

Cleveland Public Power's tree trimming crew Luke Workman, Patrick Smith and Ta'Jahnae Buchanan were brought in for a pre-disciplinary conference on Feb. 14, just twelve days after our "Dozing for Dollars" report first aired. The three workers were sent letters of termination the next day on Feb. 15.

Cleveland Public Power employees, who make at least $25 hourly were caught napping on the job and only putting in about 2.5 hours of work recently. Each worker was found to be in violation of several policies.

The "Cleveland Public Power Naps" were happening all over the city by several tree trimming crews. A favorite nap spot was at Steelyard Commons, right behind Burlington Coat Factory. There, our investigative team caught CPP employees on several occasions sleeping and even shopping on the job. When I asked how their naps were, Cleveland Public Power workers declined to comment or denied sleeping at all on the taxpayer's dime.

In termination letters our investigative team obtained from the city of Cleveland, each worker admitted to "seeing the Cleveland 19's [sic] story regarding CPP Tree Trimming crew "Dozing for Dollars."

Two of the three workers said that they knew what they were doing was "wrong and (they) were willingly participating in this act."

Luke Workman, however, stated "the media is known to flex or manipulate video footage to make things appear to be something when they are not." Later during the same pre-disciplinary conference, Workman admitted to "being in places that he should not have been."

We've reached out to the city of Cleveland and Cleveland Public Power to see if their investigation into Cleveland Public Power tree trimming crews continues, or if it has officially been closed.


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