14-year-old boy accused of bringing air soft gun to Mentor school

14-year-old boy accused of bringing air soft gun to Mentor school

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - A 14-year-old boy is accused of bringing an airsoft gun to school Thursday morning.

The teen attends Memorial Middle School.

After showing the airsoft gun to a teacher in the hallway, the teacher took away the airsoft gun and called police.

Memorial Middle was placed on lockdown for a short time during the investigation.

School officials say everyone is safe.

The 14-year-old now faces delinquency charges from the police and disciplinary action from the school.

The district said in a statement the school will have extra supports in place on Friday for students who want to discuss how they are feeling about the lockdown from Thursday.

Here is the full statement from Superintendent Matthew Miller:

Unfortunately, we all experienced a scary situation this morning when police were called and Memorial was put into a brief lockdown after a student showed he had an airsoft gun to a teacher in a hallway.

I know this was extremely concerning news to learn, whether you received it directly from your child or via our emergency notification system. The good news to report today is that everyone is safe.

Mr. Dudziak made an announcement to students after the lockdown was lifted about what happened and the great job they did following our safety procedures, just like they've practiced during safety drills in the past. The school day is now continuing to operate on its typical schedule.

The student who caused this scare is facing criminal charges through the Mentor Police Department and will also face serious disciplinary action from Mentor Schools.

We would like to thank the Mentor Police Department for working swiftly to ensure our school was secure and students and staff were safe. As you know, school safety is our district's number one priority and we will reflect on today's events as part of our continuing work to improve safety and security procedures.

Additionally, tomorrow, we will have some extra supports in place for students who may need or want to discuss how they're feeling about the lockdown, along with police presence in the building. I can assure you, we will continue to work very hard to make sure students know they're in a safe learning environment when they're at Memorial Middle School.

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