Romona's Kids: Camp that helps kids deal with parent illness to hold fundraiser

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local program is a big step toward healing for local children who need support during a very tough time in their lives.

And now that program needs your help. It sounds like any other summer camp, but Camp Kesem is much more. It's called a friend both through and beyond a parent's cancer, giving kids someone to talk to.

"When I was three, my dad died from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer," said 12-year-old Caroline Martin. "For me, it's a lot easier to tell people instead of keeping it locked up."

Camp counselors are students from Case Western Reserve University.

"I think it's important to send a kid here," said 16-year-old Bryce Hill. "I'm not one to be open or talk to people, and here you have people who can relate to you in every aspect of this part of your life."

Veronica King, 17, says it makes her happier and lets her know she has people around her going through the same thing.

"You can always count on them," she said.

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