Euclid resident still without power: 'Kind of going a little out of our minds'

Euclid resident still without power: 'Kind of going a little out of our minds'
Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Some Euclid residents are among the 154,000 who lost power when fierce Wednesday winds knocked out power.

Most are back in business, but that's not the case for Jim Udics who lives on Sycamore Street.

"We're stuck at home no power," he said. "Kind of going a little out of our minds, kind of bored."

Udics and his twin boys, Nathan and Nicholas, spent the day together inside their cold home, which lost power because of high winds that knocked down trees and power lines.

"Not looking forward to the next day or so with two 12-year-olds running around with nothing to do," Udics said.

The boys are glad to be home with dad, but no electricity means back to the basics.

"Yeah, we kind of worried about the food, too," said Udics. "Got no way to power it, eliminating the times we're opening it. But it's not looking good for the food at this point."

Udics has had to fire up an old standby to keep his family warm.

"We've got an old heater in the back that was built into an addition -- it's gas powered and doesn't need any electricity," Udics said. "Fired it up for the first time in about 10 years. Got the carbon monoxide detector sitting next to it, not trusting it."

The Udics family expects to get their power back by 11 p.m. Friday -- maybe.

Nathan and Nicholas weren't the only kids not in school Thursday, as nearly 500 of their classmates had the day off, too.

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