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What does the Kenny Britt signing mean for Terrelle Pryor?

(Source: CBS) (Source: CBS)

The Cleveland Browns have signed WR Kenny Britt.

Don't be alarmed by the reported terms (four years, $32 million). The guarantee is just $17 million ("just" being a relative term), and like most NFL contracts, it'll be "two years and we'll see."

For now, Britt simply replaces Andrew Hawkins.

And this probably doesn't impact Terrelle Pryor much. The Browns have more than enough room to bring Pryor back, too, if they wish.

Pryor shouldn't be looking to break someone's bank. Last season, New England's Julian Edelman, who made $4.4 million, played 13 games, had 98 catches and logged 1,106 receiving yards. Pryor played in 15 games, had 77 catches and logged 1,007 receiving yards.

Is Pryor better than Edelman? Of course not. Does he think he should make more than $4.4 million? Probably.

Best guess? Pryor gets a similar deal to Britt's somewhere else, leaves, and plays the "disrespected" card on the way out the door.

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