Former Greenmen still going green

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Used tires are an environmental nightmare, but they aren't the only rubber product choking landfills.

A manufactured product called steel body ply, it's virgin rubber with steel bands running through the rubber, is used in the tire making
process but a hundred million pounds a year is rejected and ends up in landfills.

And more rubber in landfills is a problem because it eventually produces methane gas or explodes into a fire that chokes
the air with thick black smoke.

Pavel Galchenko, is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University and along with his business partner, who
was a classmate at Aurora High School, formed R.V.S. Rubber Solutions and they believe they can eliminate that waste.

"We essentially found a way to take those wires and vibrate them from the inside out and break the piece," Galchenko said.

The steel body ply is the part of the tire that goes between the tread and the inner layer of the tire. It's a critical safety
component of the tire and the resultant high standards of the tire manufacturers  is why so much of the product is rejected.  Rejected and sent off to landfills.

A key component of the R.V.S. system is that the process of separating the steel from the rubber does not destroy either product,

"We take both of these components since we haven't degraded the quality of either, we can re-sell them back into the consumer market at a fraction of what they currently cost," Galchenko says.

R.V.S. has applied for a patent for their machinery, they hope to have the patent by the summer.

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