'Orlo Wants to Know' gets woman $10,000 refund

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland woman came to Cleveland 19 after her debit card was skimmed.

Skimming is a growing way to steal a person's identity and money. Thieves put card skimmers into something like a gas pump and once someone puts their card in, the number is stolen.

Krystle Smith learned a hard lesson. She ditched her credit cards and put her money in a Green Dot debit card. Her money disappeared. When she
reported the account had been looted, her claim was denied. She believes she had ample proof.

"I was at the Shell station in Parma, Ohio when they were at a Starbucks in Columbus, Ohio," Smith said.

One store allowed the purchase of $3,000 in Michael Jordan tennis shoes in five transactions -- made one after another.

Smith asked: "How did you allow five charges to go through back to back to back without questioning that person?"

So she called police and made a report. Parma police confirm that they told Green Dot her story was accurate and the charges were unauthorized. Next Smith called Green Dot and got bad news.

"The rep told me it was denied and they determined they were authorized charges," Smith said.

That meant no refund, but she persisted.

"I called them yesterday. I told them I'd be speaking to you (Paul Orlousky)," she explained.

After a call from "Orlo Wants to Know" Green Dot called Smith and said that she'd have her money in seven days. Thousands and thousands of dollars money she wants to spend to save her grandmother's home. Green Dot's stepping up will help make that happen.

A word to the wise -- use the pumps closest to the cashier. Thieves are less likely to fiddle with a pump in an area where it is easier for them to be detected.

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