Social Media posting by parents: be careful what you share about your kids

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to social media: be careful what you share about your kids and yourself because what you post could affect your child and your relationship with them. That's according to University Hospitals' Child Psychologist, Dr. Carolyn Levers-Landis.

"Really think through everything before you post it. Think through what you are texting, what you are tweeting, you know pictures on your phone and really think about all of that and how that reflects on you as a person, but also how your children are going to perceive that," said Levers-Landis.

Parents need to keep in mind that what you post may be hard to delete once you put it out there.

"Now that you can put things up there that are always up there, it is important to ask your child if you are going to post something about them - that you are going to post a picture or even just write something because they may not want that information shared," added Levers-Landis.

Dr. Levers-Landis says that we are living in a digital age that many adults may still be learning to navigate their way through - forgetting sometimes how far-reaching social media can be.

The number one rule of thumb, according to Dr. Levers-Landis: always ask your kids before you post something about them.

That's a rule Lynne Schroeder of Grafton has been following religiously since her kids asked her to stop posting so much about them. Schroeder says she often loves to brag about her children - something they don't always appreciate.

"They've asked me to reduce the amount of posting I do about them. So, I do think I am a little more sensitive now to what I post. Sometimes I will even ask them ahead of time if they care if I post it," said Schroeder.

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