Flexible daycare service accepts children on snow days, during emergencies

Members can drop off their children at the last minute or in emergencies. (Source: WOIO)
Members can drop off their children at the last minute or in emergencies. (Source: WOIO)

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Northeast Ohio residents may see school closings Tuesday, which is great news for kids, but not great news for parents who can't stay home from work. But for those in a pinch, there's a thing called flexible child care that provides a place to go in an emergency.

Sweet Kiddles in Strongsville is already getting phone calls from parents who want to get their kids on the list in case of a snow day Tuesday. At Sweet Kiddles flexible childcare center, CEO and founder Andrea Kimmel is trying to take some of the stress out of parenting.

"A snowstorm coming in and school-agers needing a place to go if they don't already use a child care center is exactly what we do any day of the week for any age child," Kimmel said.

She's already getting calls from parents asking to put their child's names on the list for Tuesday just in case.

"The thing about having a school age child, if you don't pay every week for having a kid in a child care center, when you need it you can't just walk in anywhere else and get it. Child care centers only serve those who pay for full-time care. But not at Sweet Kiddles, our customers only use us when they need us," she said.

Sweet Kiddles cares for children ages six weeks to 12 years old by the hour or day, part-time or full-time. It costs $100 a year to be a member, and then you can call anytime for child care. You pay for child care by the hour.

Parents call to reserve a spot and in cases like snow days, they don't pay if they don't use it.

Flexibility like that is a relief for parents like Angela Subin every day.

"My husband and I have been dropping our daughter off here since she was three months old. We absolutely love this place. They're kind of a part of our family," she said.

She says it's peace of mind to have someone always there to care for her four-year-old daughter Giana.

"Oh my gosh, it's so helpful. We've had to drop her off in emergency situations, they're always willing to take her," Subin said.

Sweet Kiddles does not charge extra for child care on snow days, and they bring in extra staff to help out. Those interested that aren't a member can sign up online any time. There is another location in Medina, and another new child care center will open in Westlake later this year.

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