Salt that isn't as harsh on concrete? You'll have to pay a little extra

Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Shoveling the snow is just one aspect of dealing with hazards of winter. Here are a few tips on when to salt and what salt to use where.

None of this stuff is fun to do, braving the cold to shovel away snow and then spread the right kind of salt to get rid of ice. Commercial companies know what kind of salt to use and when it's best to put the ice melting substance down to avoid slipping and falling and possibly hurting oneself.

"Well, we've got a couple of different options here," said Jessica Bush, with Home Depot.

Not all salt is made equal.

"We have a blend which is a mixture between rock salt and calcium chloride. It can go up to -7 degrees," she said.

It pays to know the difference, because some salt can damage a driveway or steps more than others. For example, the calcium chloride is a kinder, gentler salt.

"And then the rock salt we see all the time is going to be a little bit cheaper -- it's called Ice Away. It goes down to -6 degrees," Bush said. "It's just going to eliminate the ice, gonna block it off and take it down. Would I recommend that on a brand new pad? No. You're going to get little privets."

Don't forget to shovel away as much snow as possible first.

"If you've got slush already out there you are going to want to push that away with your shovel before you lay this on because you're just spreading something and you're going to push it out on your grass and you'll get burnt grass and then we'll see in the spring time during fertilizer and grass seed," Bush said.

The best stuff costs about twice as much, is good to -25 degrees and isn't as harsh on a person's concrete.

One thing to remember, however, all salt has the potential to cause damage to sidewalks, steps and driveways.

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