7 types of people who fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket

7 types of people who fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The round of 64 for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins on March 16. This entire week people across the country have been filling out their brackets and submitting them into various pools.

During the 3-week tournament you might run into these 7 types of people:

1. The person with multiple brackets

One bracket is not good enough for this person, they will submit different brackets with various winners. When a game is over they will tell you 'I had that in my other bracket'.

"There are different pools I am in," Cleveland 19 Reporter Sia Nyorkor said.

2. The fan who watched all season

This person made their predictions after watching games during the regular season.

3. The random bracket

This person had no rhyme or reason to each selection.

"When you get to the Elite Eight it's anyone's game," Cleveland 19 Photographer Dan Wagner said.

4. All the favorites

He or she have all the 1-seeds in the Final Four.

5. Big Name Schools

This person will see a school that has made a tournament run in the past like UCLA or Marquette to help them with their bracket.

"Some of the names, I just recognized as basketball schools," Cleveland 19 Anchor Tia Ewing said.

6. Picking their Alma mater

This person will pick the school they attended to win the National Championship.

"Cause I went there, and they're going to win," reporter and Northwestern graduate Dani Carlson said.

7. All the upsets

This bracket will feature 12-seeds defeating 5-seeds and have a double-digit seed making the elite eight

Bonus: The basketball fan who does not fill out the bracket

The NCAA Tournament is more enjoyable for this person, they don't have the stress of how their bracket is doing during close games.

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