Cleveland School District investigates student claim that teacher injured him

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Schools are investigating a report by a student that a teacher broke his skin with her fingernails when she grabbed him by the arm on
Tuesday March 7th.  Omarion Wulul told that story to his mother Iquial Morgan.

She immediately called Adlai Stevenson School where Omarion attends and was told "the Superintendent will be giving you a call."

"This is totally unacceptable, my child was truly hurt," Morgan said.

The wounds are a week old now, but still visible.  A review of the school districts paperwork is fuzzy, seeming to contain contradictions.  The
official investigative report said that Officer Carl Davis said "the marks did not appear fresh but could have been older."

Also that "one mark had some bleeding", which the officer washed with antibacterial soap.

But a review of his signed statement said:
"It was bleeding from three cuts and that he washed them and put three band aids on them."

An investigation was begun but the teacher was unavailable the day of the incident as well as the next day and denied touching Omarion on Friday.

A grandmother who was in the room said she didn't see any contact.  What bothers Morgan is being kept largely in the dark.

Wendy Foley is a case worker for the family and fears and gave her opinion on the situation.

"This has now caused this boy to fear school or have some type of nervousness around teachers of course apprehension," Foley said.

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