Copper Chef XL

Conquer The Kitchen with Copper Chef XL:The Extra Large Family-Sized Square Pan

Copper Chef XL has a deal for you.  Watch the Copper Chef XL Special on Cleveland 19 WOIO today @ 10:30AM for this amazing deal.  
The 6-in-1 Pan replaces your:  Stock Pot, Rice Cooker, Frying Pan, Roasting Pan, Wok and Baking Dish.
Get the Copper Chef XL pan with Induction Cookplate today!
Casserole Pan
  • 11" Casserole Pan = 60% More Room to Cook More Food
  • Stainless Steel Induction Plate With Rapid, Even Heat Technology – No Hot Spots
  • Engineered With Cerami-Tech Nonstick Technology
  • Riveted Easy Comfort Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat-Proof up to 850°
Induction Cooktop ~ Bonus with your paid order!
  • From Warm to Sear & All Temperatures In Between
  • Induction Technology Uses Electromagnetic Field to Heat the Pan
  • Lightweight & Portable: Perfect for Dorms, RVs, Boats & Small Apartments
  • 10° At a Time - Adjustable Time & Temperature for Precise Cooking
  • 5 Cooking Presets, Easy to Read Digital Display & Timer
  • Warming Feature Keeps Your Meals Warm Until You're Ready to Eat
Call Now and get bonus items!
This offer includes:  Copper Chef XL 11" Pan, Copper Chef Cooktop, Steam Rack, Fry Basket, Eric's Cookbook and $100 in groceries.
A $400 Value for 3 Easy Payments of $33.33 plus P&H
To Order Now Call 1-800-609-1747
Watch @ 10:30 AM today on Cleveland 19 WOIO for more details.