No cause on Willoughby-Eastlake board of education building fire

School records destroyed in fire

WILLOUGHBY, OH (WOIO) - Fifteen departments fought the massive flames the best they could, but Mother Nature was not working with them Tuesday morning.

"The wind driven aspect of it is that it was pushing the flames through the building. You get the cold winds, any kind of winds, actually.  As it pushes it through the building, it makes matters much worse for us," said Todd Ungar, Willoughby Fire Chief.

Crews worked tirelessly to save the approximately 100-year-old Willoughby-Eastlake board of education building.

"We actually fought the fire on the side for about 40 minutes," Ungar said.

It became too dangerous for firefighters, and they had to take their efforts outside.

"It got to the point where the floors were starting to burn through. It became unsafe for the firefighters," Ungar said.

As hard as crews fought to preserve the building, much of it is left in rubbles.  Damaged so much so, investigators may not ever know what sparked the flames.

"The fire investigators have considered the cause as an undetermined fire. Due to the amount of destruction it caused by the fire, they can't pinpoint the cause," Ungar said.

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