2 Akron children have OD'd on heroin in 1 week

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron police say a young child likely overdosed on heroin for the second time in a week. Luckily, in both of these cases, the children survived after they were given the antidote Narcan.

Tuesday night, a mother called 911 from a house on Popham Street in Akron, worried about her six-year-old daughter.

"She's confused. I need an ambulance," she told the 911 operator.

"I called an ambulance for her, is she breathing normally?" The operator replied.

"I put my ear up to her chest and it's beating fast," the mother said.

"Is she breathing normally?" The operator replied.

The mother told the dispatcher that her daughter was breathing, but she was shaking. Emergency crews arrived, gave the little girl Narcan, and took her to Akron Children's Hospital.

Neighbors were stunned when they heard what happened.

"It's terrible. It's happening every day. As a parent it absolutely kills me, tears my stomach apart," said Rick Harpster.

On March 8, paramedics in Akron responded to a similar case. Police say a two-year-old boy was overdosing while his 27-year-old father played video games. A woman called 911 when she found the toddler wasn't breathing.

Harpster says he lost a family member to a heroin overdose. For him, this hits too close to home.

"He got a hold of some bad drugs and some bad heroin and overdosed and it killed him. In his 20s. So it's bad, it's all over, it's everywhere. People need to start opening their eyes to it. It's not behind closed doors anymore, it's everywhere, on the streets," he said.

Akron police say the girl has been placed in the care of Summit County Children Services. Her 14-year-old sibling was taken into custody as well.

The parents are not currently facing charges. Police are waiting for test results of the drug to come back.

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