unGlue app: pulls kids away from electronics - teaches time management

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many parents say they worry that their child is addicted to their electronic device. They try to monitor what their kids are doing online and keep track of the time their child is spending buried in their iPhone, but doing that can seem like a losing battle.

Alon Shwartz says he was one of those parents. He says, he and his wife struggled to monitor and control how much time their kids were spending on electronic devices.

"We tried everything from stickers to software - any type of parental control program I could get my hands on," said Shwartz.

Nothing worked as well as they wanted it to.

"I came to realize a few basic components were missing, and it wasn't controlling every device. It wasn't simple. It didn't work both at home and away from home, and the most basic component is they are always an 'us against them,'" added Shwartz.

That's when Shwartz decided he could create a better app for that.

The end result is unGlue - a free app where parents set the boundaries, and kids learn to manage their time from there. Kids get entertainment time that doesn't count against the time they will need to spend online doing things like homework. The app warns kids when their entertainment time is almost up.

"When their time ends, and they are in the middle of some important video - they just have to finish this video, they can earn more time doing chores. You want 50 minutes more? No problem. Just empty the dishwasher. Clean your room," said Shwartz.

Shwartz says the bottom line is unGlue puts kids in the driver's seat, teaching them valuable life lessons.

"You need to learn how to manage your own time. My oldest son goes to college next year. It would not be wise for me to keep controlling his life," said Shwartz, "so, now what we are teaching our kids is you can save time. You can earn time, or you can earn time - just like money."

The unGlue app is available in your app store.

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