Editorial: Thanks for the emails

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A couple of recent editorials got some conversation going and some emails headed my way. I promised I'd let you know if someone disagreed, so here we go.

In terms of concern regarding the president's relationship with the media, a few people spoke up. In an email to me, one reader said: "I firmly believe that local markets report the news fairly. However, when you are looking at the national networks, it is impossible to argue."

Another viewer thinks that the key is to make clear what is opinion and what's not, "if they want to express their own opinions, they should do so as 'editorial opinions' and keep their biases out of reporting."

Others had bigger concerns about the media's message, "truth can be harmful in this county -- at this time."


And my wife was right, a lot of people still like to write in cursive and they do want it taught in schools.

"Cursive is easy for kids to learn, we should be looking for ways to teach kids more, not less," one viewer said.

Meanwhile, a mom had a cautionary tale: "I have an 18-year-old son that, when we went to get his driver's license, he couldn't even sign his name. It was so embarrassing he had to do it over and over again."

And finally, on my Facebook page, one viewer had an idea about cursive that just might work for everyone: "Maybe let this be a form of time spent on art."

Hey, I could go for that.

Thanks for the emails from both sides. I'll go now and apparently work on my penmanship.

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