Cleveland concerts prove this is the rock 'n' roll capital of the world

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This will be music to your ears. 2017 is the best music year for Cleveland. Already, Maroon 5 and Eric Church have graced the stage at Quicken Loans Arena.

This weekend, Bon Jovi will take the stage and the list goes on; country, rap, and R&B. Cleveland 19 News wanted to know why A-list performers are attracted to Cleveland.

A clip given to Cleveland 19 from Quicken Loans Arena shows the facility transforming from a Cavs game, to the Maroon 5 concert, back to a Cavs game, and then to an Eric Church concert in just days.

This year's concert series is the largest Cleveland has ever had. So many talented performers are on the schedule, including Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Lady GaGa, just to name a few.

"Cleveland is the place to be right now. Cleveland is hot," said Hallie Yavitch, Senior Director of Events for Quicken Loans Arena.

The schedule is tight with very little time. For example, Chris Brown performs and 24-hours later, the Cavs take on the Atlanta Hawks.

The change over crew has it down to a science and are able to transform the floor in under two and a half hours.

"Managers are hearing Cleveland a lot and they are paying attention there's no doubt," said Hallie Yavitch.

Cleveland has been successful in attracting big names and major tours in the past: Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, the list goes on. The quantity of concerts in 2017 compared to last year is perhaps what is being interpreted as not attracting "big" names."

"Fewer shows were booked in 2016 for very good reason; the combination of the Cavs playoff run and then hosting the RNC, we were not able to book concerts from May to August," said Yavitch.

"It is a different scenario this year and we are looking forward to a busy summer concert schedule."

That is not to say that the great momentum of positive feedback about Cleveland (from Stipe Miocic winning the UFC Championship title, the Cleveland Monsters winning the Calder Cup; the Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship; and hosting the RNC) doesn't have impact on managers, agents, promoters and musicians who see Cleveland as a thriving city that successfully supports entertainment and special events."

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