Local collector shows off her cars at the Autorama

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Autorama is happening this weekend at the IX Center.

For one local woman, cars were nothing special until she started spending more time at auto shows more than 30 years ago. Now she's built a rare and shiny collection worth thousands of dollars. Sue Darney loves to get behind the wheel of her 1956 Chevy Bel Air.

"It's fun for me, I love it," said Darney.

Darney meticulously cares for the classic worth that she says is worth about 150 thousand dollars.

"It's leather and ostrich interior, it has air conditioning, and it has five computers in it," said Darney.

But cars weren't always her interest. Darney said she found the hobby more than 30 years ago after marrying her husband Bob, who loved going to car shows.

"At the beginning, it was like I don't really want to go you go," said Darney.

After attending more shows, her interest grew and now the couple has about seven other cars at their home in Leetonia, Ohio. Darney said the hobby seems more popular among men, but a recent study out of the U.K. shows an increase in women collecting classic models.

"There's not a lot of women interested in it, it's mostly men I see," said Darney.

Bill Perrien is the Operations Manager for the Autorama, he says over the years the show has brought out thousands of men and women to see the exhibits.

"This weekend we should have 57,000 people through the doors. Last year was about 42,000 to 47,000," said Perrien.

Darney and her husband like to show their cars at different shows around the country, but  she said what she enjoys is connecting with people.

"My favorite thing is the people and the friendships I've made," said Darney.

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