Summit helps to prepare young men for the future

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of men helped prepare young men for their futures at a Male Empowerment Summit.

The "Reclaiming Manhood Male Empowerment Summit" took place at the Killingsworth Meeting Place in Cleveland on Saturday.

Wake Up Call Communications and the Union Miles Development Corporation hosted the event that provided development workshops for young men ages 11 to 17.

Lewis Burrell III created the summit that is geared toward mentoring and providing young men with the tools they need to succeed.

"I felt this was important because young men need our support and definitely need to be challenged to step up," said Burrell.

Councilman Zach Reed agreed that there is a need for the program in the community.

"Our young black men are under siege. When you look at the leading cause of death for our young men between the ages of 14-24, it's homicide," said Reed.

Speakers led discussions about character development, career choices, and goal setting.

Jaja Cottingham, 15, said he has a goal of becoming an engineer.

"Writing them down I had the time to think more about them, and what I actually want to do to pull out my dreams and goals," said Cottingham.

Deric Thomas,13, explained what the day meant to him.

"It meant a lot because it showed me people do care about me in the world," said Thomas.

Burrell said he's planning a second event for April 22, 2017 at the Harvard Community Services Center.

For more information about registration contact bj@wakeupcallmedia or call 216-337-0514.

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