7 questions (and answers) you'd probably ask 'The Amazing Race' contestant from Youngstown

7 questions (and answers) you'd probably ask 'The Amazing Race' contestant from Youngstown

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If you ever got a chance to meet Jessica Shields, the K-9 police officer from Youngstown who is on the 29th edition of "The Amazing Race," you'd probably want to know what it was like to live without a phone, the internet and social media while filming.

Shields, 27, is one of 22 contestants on the reality show starting at 10 p.m. Thursday March 30 on WOIO Channel 19.

Here are seven questions we asked her:

Q: Did you have any good luck charms with you?

A: I had a bracelet that my best friend Jessica Cole sent me and a necklace from my boyfriend. The bracelet has seven swords on it and says "love, radiance and strength." The necklace is a locket with a picture of him and I in it.

Q: What is one question that you can answer that you get asked by most people now that you're home?

A: I get asked if I won, but of course I can't say. They ask me if I liked my partner and if I had the best experience of my life. The answers are yes and yes.

Q: What was it like not having a phone, the internet and social media?

A: Being without my phone is really hard. I felt like I had separation anxiety. That was one of the hardest things to deal with, honestly -- feeling isolated and not involved with everyone you're normally involved with.

Q: Who had Hector "the protector" K-9 while you were gone for 33 days?

A: Hector was at Wags and Wiggles, which is a pet resort, and I missed him dearly. He had so much anxiety ... he didn't give me a warm welcome. He barked at me and his hair was standing up. He warmed up and knew I was his mom and loved me again, though. Now he has super anxiety ... he will pee in the house if I leave him.

Q: Did you watch "The Amazing Race" before?

A: Oh yeah. Every season. I'm a huge fan of the show and "Survivor."

Q: Without having contact with your family, how would you know if something important happened?

A: Every producer was really nice to us. They would call our families and check in and tell them that we were alive once a week.

Q: Will you watch yourself when the show airs?

Yes. I'm so excited! I'm nervous too. It's definitely going to be strange and it'll be interesting to see how they portray everyone after getting to know everyone on the show.

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