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Concealed weapons permits owners can carry their guns in daycares

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

New gun laws taking effect in Ohio on Tuesday are expanding where people can carry concealed guns.

An employee can now carry his or her gun into their company's parking, as long as they store their gun in the car while they are at work. Before today, one could lose their job for doing that.

One with a CCW permit can carry their weapon into a daycare. Provided, if the daycare puts up a 'NO guns' sign on the premise, they would have to leave it locked in a car.

Gun owners can now store their gun in their car while in a school zone. A person carrying a concealed weapon when they drop off travelers will be allowed to go to baggage claims in non-secured areas.

A promoter of the new changes says, "It's currently a felony and that's where we ran into a problem because a lot of people don't know if their kids are going to be called sick from school." He also said, "They may be at work, and they have their firearm, and they would have to go home first and dispose of the gun at their house before going back and picking up the kids. There was a lot of honest people just trying to stay in line with the law."

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