Tri-C unveils mobile training unit

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence at Cuyahoga Community College has designed a mobile training unit to bring workforce development to the area.

They're calling it a training center on wheels.

The mobile unit houses a lab area for hands-on training, a classroom space, a whiteboard and video system.

"We've really equipped this to be a plug and play and as far as innovation, that's really right off the charts," said Alicia Booker, vice-president of manufacturing.

Some of the initial training will include CNC machining, welding, 3D printing and programmable logic controllers. Educators say there's a skills shortage so they want to help fill the gap.

"What that does is allow us to bring out or to train in a number of different uses of equipment of technology, we have 3-D printings so we can train in that space, we also have heavy machining, we can train in that space, but we also have a classroom environment," said James Boone, director of business initiatives.

There's enough room for 10 desk stations and a white board and video system.

Tri-C plans to roll the mobile unit out to schools and community events

"This really is a reflection of what Tri-C is doing to help increase the skill-level of all in Northeast Ohio, help prepare our students so that they can be on the right path for different careers and really align their education with the jobs they want in the future," said Booker.

The college is in the process of training local employers.

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