Malt supplier starts business in untapped market in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As the Northeast Ohio microbrew market exploded, a Shaker Heights father and son team saw an opportunity. Haus Malts is now finding their place in the market as a malt supplier for the local breweries.

Andrew Martahus has a chemical engineering degree from Washington University in St. Louis and he is putting his degree to good use, producing malt, at his company, Haus Malts, the only micro malt house in Ohio.

"We have such a big craft beer industry and we are an agricultural powerhouse and trying to marry the two has been a real fun experience," Andrew said.

He shares that experience with his dad, now his business partner, Craig, who spent 36 years as a lawyer.

"This is a seven day a week job and it's been so invigorating," Craig said

It's working too, local breweries like Great Lakes, Sibling Revelry, Market Garden and the Butcher and the Brewer all use a Haus Malt product in some of their beers.

"This first year we've been building up trust and it's been night and day since we opened a little over a year ago," Andrew said.

Beer is basically water, yeast, hops and malt and it's the malt that is considered the back bone of any beer. Malt provides sugar, flavor, and the color of your favorite beer.

What is unique about Haus Malts is that they not only malt barley, the traditional grain used in beer, they produce different flavors by malting wheat, rye, oats and even corn. The success of those malt flavors has sparked plans of growing the business according to Craig.

"The demand for malt is increasing at a really significant pace because craft breweries use a lot more malt than your traditional big production breweries," Craig said.

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