Neighbor vs. neighbor in Olmsted Township over standing water

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - When you walk into the back yard of Brandon and Allison Frolo's Olmsted Township home you walk into about two feet of standing water.

As Allison moved her feet back and forth she said , "It's wet. You hear it, you hear it squishing?"

Soggy ground isn't unusual at this time of year but water like Allison and Brandon have captured in pictures is. It is deep, and floods the play area used by their four children.

Allison is frustrated.

"A big part of why we moved out here was for the kids and it's just very unsettling because if one person doesn't comply with building code it effects other people," complained Allison.

They believe the grading a neighbor did on a home next door is responsible. No one came to the neighbors door when we knocked.

"You put a swale in it would solve all the problems. There's a ravine in the back it would be a natural spot for the water to drain," Allison said.

Brandon has plans for a detached garage, but they are on hold because as other pictures show the area floods with water too. He says there is also foundation damage from all the excess water. He complained to Olmsted Township on September 2, 2016 and was told a building inspector couldn't come out for months.

It finally happened in late February, nearly six months later.

The Folo's said they are upset because nothing is getting done.

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