1/2 of Ohio's U.S. reps plan to vote 'no' on ACA replacement

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Half of Ohio's U.S. representatives said they'll definitely vote "no" on the GOP-backed health care bill.

Two Democrats, Marcy Kaptur and Marcia Fudge, said they plan to vote "no," and Republican Jim Jordan said he also plans to vote "no" on the bill. David Joyce and his staff did not reply to Cleveland 19's repeated requests for how he plans to vote. Staff for Bob Gibbs and Jim Renacci both said they need to read the details of the bill once it's done to know how they will vote.

Kaptur, a Democrat who serves in the House of Representatives and has for more than 30 years, said she's never seen anything like what's happened with this health care bill.

"We still don't have a bill, the American people don't know what's in the bill, we certainly don't know what's in the bill. I've talked to many of my counterparts in the Republican party and they don't know what's in the bill because special deals are being cut," said Kaptur.

Kaptur said the details that they do know are not good.

There was a lot of negotiating Thursday, trying to get enough Republicans to agree to vote in favor of the bill. The vote was scheduled on the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act -- or Obamacare -- becoming law.

Kaptur said it's difficult to know when it may go up for a vote, she said she thought the bill was being forced through the process, and that a lot of people will lose their health care if the bill passes.

"It's not a pretty picture and it's not the way health insurance for all should be considered," said Kaptur.

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