Dwight Clark announces ALS diagnosis: Bernie Kosar says he noticed 'signs of changes' years ago

GREEN, OH (WOIO) - Former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark is best known for "The Catch," but Sunday night he sent shock waves throughout the NFL once more.

It was an honest, hard-hitting Tweet: "I wanted to share some unfortunate news. I have ALS."

Clark, of course, was also the Browns' first GM when they returned to the league in 1999. So when former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar was asked recently about Clark's battle with ALS, he made a comment that he says was one of concern, not comedy. He said on a radio show that he could make a joke about Clark's struggles in picking players for the Browns, and wondered if the ALS had started that far back. And he wasn't joking.

"I wasn't," Kosar said Thursday night. "And I wasn't taking a shot."

Kosar, who has known Clark for 30 years, says he noticed signs of changes with the former Browns executive years ago.

"As a real friend, when I saw him changing a little bit (while GM of the Browns), and not changing in a mean way, but showing signs, and there are levels that take you to certain parts of some of the brain diseases -- I started noticing some things that maybe he could help himself with a holistic approach."

Kosar can speak firsthand about post-career health issues. He has dealt with post-concussion syndrome for years and continues to undergo holistic treatments. It's why he's speaking out now, and why he says he commented about Clark's condition in the first place.

"I don't want to see any more of my friends get to what Gale Sayers (former Bears great who is battling dementia) got diagnosed with this weekend, what Dwight Clark talked about this weekend," Kosar said.

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