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How many bullets does Andrew Miller have in his gun? We're going to find out

Andrew Miller (Source: WOIO) Andrew Miller (Source: WOIO)

Andrew Miller is returning to the Indians after the World Baseball Classic and I'm still concerned about him.

Not because his numbers this spring have been dreadful, but his WBC ERA was north of 13, and before that with the Tribe, it was 6.75 in four games.

I usually don't care about spring ERAs, but considering Miller was trying to get ready for WBC competition, he was likely not just throwing fastballs in some of those outings and trying to get outs.

He did not get many.

Even if Miller had flamethrowed his way through the WBC, (yes, I just made up the word "flamethrowed") I'd still be concerned about him for this season. He pitched an extra month last year and did some heavy lifting in that month. Add to that an early start this season because of the WBC, and stack on maybe an extra few weeks to a month for what the Indians would hope to be the 2017 playoffs, and Miller Time might as well be all the time.

I'm concerned about how many bullets he actually has in the gun.

Miller is a savvy veteran that knows how to prepare and knows his body, but he's still mortal. He could have a tremendous regular season and still not know if this hurt him until October.

How many months can a guy pitch for? We are going to find out.

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