Traffic nightmare: Drivers avoiding Brook Park construction detour by any means necessary

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - Reconstruction of West 130th Street from Bellaire to Brookpark roads has created a traffic nightmare.

People wanting to go south on West 130th from only a couple hundred yards of Interstate 480 are forced to drive a 3 1/2-mile detour. Because of that many drivers are cutting through a parking lot, ignoring barricades and driving the short distance to I-480.

Within five minutes of pulling up to observe, Cleveland 19 cameras watched the first car cross through a phone store parking lot, pull onto the barricaded section of 130th and drive illegally over a rough stretch of torn up road, then head south. It's a hassle, but nothing compared to the recommended detour.

Those who want to get to 480 or Brookpark Road from Bellaire -- or anyplace north of it -- are directed to go west 1.2 miles on Bellaire all the way from 130th to 150th, then south on 150th for another mile to Brookpark Road, and then west on Brookpark for 1.2 miles.

That's almost 3 1/2 miles, or about 15 minutes of driving.

The illegal alternative is to go back to a spot where a car can just cut through the phone store parking lot, ignore the barricades, and go south. A clerk at the store says he sees it hundreds of times a day. Cleveland 19 cameras saw it repeatedly. Some zoom through, others appear to be thinking about it for a second.

There is a large bump at the end of the construction. One driver had it figured out and simply drove on the sidewalk.

So what to do? Confront the drivers causing possible danger or point out the lunacy of the detour? Officials could make life easier for many by simply opening up about a 40 yard length of 130th.

A worker at a nearby business said the detour is causing work delays.

By late afternoon Friday, Cleveland police had a car in the area pulling over and warning violators. The situation should get much better on April 1 when traffic on West 130th will be south bound only, allowing easier access to the highway and busy Brookpark Road.

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