Community works to save Medina Birthing Center

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - The Medina community is working to save the Medina Birthing Center from closing. Last week Cleveland Clinic said it will close the Maternity ward at Medina Hospital by July 1.

Cleveland Clinic said that it's closing the center to consolidate its labor and delivery services at Hillcrest, Akron General, and Fairview hospitals.

According to the Clinic, newborn delivery services will be transitioned to Fairview and Akron General specifically beginning on July 1.

Both hospitals are about a 30 minute drive from Medina.

Dolly Yowler was born at the Medina Birthing Center and said she worries about expecting mothers making the commute.

"If you've got an icy day, it's hard to even walk on the ice or drive just a short distance in town. For people to get on the highway they could be spinning out," Yowler.

Yowler started a Facebook page to band together with others in the community to try and save it. Within days she got hundreds of followers.

"I'm constantly getting people making comments," said Yowler.

Yoweler and others plan to wear pink and blue to a Medina City Council meeting on Monday night  where they will discuss the center.

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