New poll shows Ohio voters would not change 2016 election picks

New poll shows Ohio voters would not change 2016 election picks

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new poll of registered voters in Ohio show a divide that remains on many issues during the early stages of President Trump's administration.

The poll was conducted by a Community Research Institute class at Baldwin Wallace University. The study was conducted by 1,019 registered Ohio voters. Women accounted for 52 percent of the poll takers, while 48 percent of the people surveyed were men.

Even though most Ohioans that were polled did not expect President Trump to win, approximately 94 percent of the poll-takers polled said they would not have voted any differently. Some of the students conducting the poll were surprised by that result.

Twitter has been one of the more highly-debated topics during President Trump's presidency. A majority 63 percent of poll-takers agree that President Trump uses his personal Twitter handle too much. More than half of the people polled feel that his use of Twitter is inappropriate, totaling 55.7 percent. Only 1.4 percent say @realdonaldtrump is used too infrequently.

"Presidents have a long tradition of speaking directly to the public through the latest communications technology. What's new is Trump's use of social media to launch political attacks," said Dr. Lauren Copeland, a Baldwin Wallace University political science professor and associate director of the Community Research Institute.

When asked about whether President Trump or the media is more trustworthy, Republicans and Democrats differ slightly. Approximately 62 percent of Republicans trust President Trump to tell the truth about important issues, compared to only 8 percent of Republicans trusting the media. The opposite result came from a poll of Democrats. Only 6 percent of Democrats trust President Trump to tell the truth, while 66 percent of Democrats trust the media more.

One of the questions was related to President Trump's immigration and border wall beliefs. Approximately 75 percent of Republicans approve of his original travel ban and 70 percent support the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico. In contrast, 20 percent of Democrats approve of the ban and wall construction.

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