Meet a man who helps the Indians win games without wearing a Cleveland uniform

Meet a man who helps the Indians win games without wearing a Cleveland uniform

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Meet Matt Tagliaferri. He isn't on the Cleveland Indians roster, but what he does contributes to the Tribe's win-loss record.

Tagliaferri is the director of software development and he and his team builds all of the reports, websites and apps that the coaches, players and front office people need to do their job.

He's not the numbers guy, but he creates the programs so the "Moneyball" types can do theirs.

"I will never be that kind of guy because I was never very good at math. Fortunately, the Indians have lots of people much smarter at math than I am -- both on the business and baseball side -- to do that kind of work," he said.

Tagliaferri has been working for the Cleveland Indians organization since May 12, 1997 -- the year the Tribe made it to the World Series and lost in the final game to the Florida Marlins.

"Two months after I started ... Cleveland hosted the Major League All-Star Game. Three months after that, we hosted a World Series game for the first time in 43 years [excluding last season]. That was a crazy start to my baseball career," he said.

Tagliaferri and his team produce an advance scouting report that is given to the coaches before the start of every series. It's a set of observations from scouts and statistics from our database that helps the coaches create a game plan.

"They may use this report to decide how to shift the defense against a player or what pitch sequence to use against him to try and get him out," he said. "My team is responsible for the program that scouts use to enter all of their observations and for pulling all the statistics together into a readable format."

The front office and the software development team are always looking for ways to help the team win games.

"Working for a Major League Baseball team is different because the ultimate goal of the organization is so well-defined and tangible-- we all want to win the World Series for the city of Cleveland and the fans of the team and give everyone a lasting memory of a great season," he said. "When everyone has such clear and well-defined goals, it becomes very easy for everyone to work together on projects that bring those goals closer to reality. More than any other job I've had, I derive a great sense of motivation and personal accomplishment in my work and I quite literally cannot wait to go to my job every morning."

It's true. Tagliaferri said he shows up to work two hours early every day.

That's the kind of dedication that results in wins -- whether Tagliaferri is wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform or not.

The Cleveland Indians play the Texas Rangers April 3 on Opening Day. The Home Opener is April 11 at Progressive Field against the Chicago White Sox. Take a look at the schedule here

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