I-X amusement park criticized after 'riot', promises changes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 911 call summed up the situation and the problem at the IX Amusement Park on Saturday

"They need some cops here cause these guys are getting outta hand, there's nothing but fights."

President of the CPPA Steve Loomis believes the city didn't have enough officers assigned, and was trying to save money.

"We had information that some folks wanted to follow up on, some undercover detectives wanted to follow up on and overtime was absolutely an issue," Loomis said.

Otto Smith was arraigned on a rioting charge in connection with the case today he is a man found with a gun and a record according to prosecutors who told the Judge.

"My understanding is he already has a record, conviction pending matter carrying a concealed weapon which is a pending file on April 17th."

Loomis believes that the I-X needs similar rules to places like Tower City Cinema, no parent with you, no admission.  Parents who were there were terrified according to Loomis.

"Mothers with their kids laying under tables, under tables never been more fearful in their life," Loomis said.

Sherwin Clark was one of the parents there with his daughter and her friends. He said the teens knew trouble was coming before it happened because they read about it on Snapchat. He said he never go back.

"I'm not interested in ever going back because it's not a safe place," Clark said.

He was not impressed with the security.

"Their response was um this will calm down.  We got it," Clark said.Late Monday the IX Center issued a lengthy press release restating its commitment to safety and reciting the many rules it enforces.

The only promise of increase security came from the manager of Tenable Security who said more personnel will be on the grounds in the future.

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