Traffic on West 130th to be south only, easing safety concerns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A serious problem is getting corrected on the west side of Cleveland.

A construction job on West 130th Street had left nearly 2000 homes virtually landlocked. To access the homes, safety vehicles have had to take a more than 3-mile detour. That will change on Saturday morning with a simple change of traffic direction on West 130th Street.

The situation came to the attention of Cleveland 19 reporter Paul Orlousky on Friday. He taped people driving their cars around barrels to get the short distance from their homes to I-480. They did it to avoid the detour. Police stopped and warned people, but as soon as they left, more simply went around the barrels.

There was an even bigger concern according to Councilman Brian Kazy, who said, "The emergency vehicles weren't able to access the residents with the way the detour is set up now." Kazy pushed for and got a change. Traffic will now flow only south on West 130th Street from Bellaire to Brookpark Road, allowing quicker access.

Kazy got together a group of volunteers, including the fire department, to pass out fliers letting people know of the change. They went door to door Tuesday, welcomed by neighbors like Junior Griffey, who's been landlocked by the construction and said, "If I don't gotta go someplace I stay home. But this will make it easier to get out. Absolutely."

As the flier points out, all changes start Saturday morning. Traffic will be able to go south only on West 130th Street. A simple answer to a complex problem.

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