Collision Bend Brewing Co. opening mid-April and it might change your beer style preference

Collision Bend Brewing Co. opening mid-April and it might change your beer style preference

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Usually people have a favorite type of beer that is their go-to, but Collision Bend Brewing Co.'s concept could very well make you change your mind about your beer preferences.

The brewery and brewpub is expected to open April 17 in the East Bank of The Flats. At Collision Bend, the chefs have a say in what goes into the beer.

"We're making a Belgian Saison where we let the kitchen decide what spices we put in it," said Brewmaster Luke Purcell, who previously worked at Great Lakes Brewing Co. "We are playing around with what spices would work well with some of their dishes ... so the beers can change with the menu."

Saison, of course, translates from French to "seasons," and the beer will change with the weather and the menu.

The 11,000-square-foot space brewpub has seven fermenters and nine bright beer tanks -- those are the tanks that are seen from within the main dining area.

Brewer Ben Northeim, who formerly worked at The Brew Kettle, explained that the beers on draft at all three bars will be fed directly from the bright beer tanks.

"It fresher that way," he said, adding he and Purcell will always try to have eight of their own beers on draft. There is no plan at this time to can or bottle any of the beers, but "crawlers" will be offered for those who dock their boats and want to take beer to go. A "crawler" is a 32 ounce can of beer that will be poured and sealed at the bar.

The eight beers will be offered in pint, half-pint and in sampling flights of four. Beer will be served in five different types of glasses.

There are plans to have a weekly special beer and food pairing.

"I've seen a lot of times that someone has a beer with a certain dish and that was a style they didn't think they would like and they found out they do in some cases," Purcell said. "People who are only drinking one style of beer ... it really does open their eyes to other beers they didn't know they'd like."

Inside what used to be the old Watermark restaurant at 1250 Old River Road, is room for about 200 people. Outside will accommodate around 150 more people, he said.

"We want to enhance people's experience. They will hopefully explore a little bit of food and beer that maybe they're not used to," said Purcell. "We're not reinventing the wheel, but we're certainly going to have a lot of food doing food and beer pairings and expanding the horizons of the beer culture in Cleveland."

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