9 apps parents need to see

9 apps parents need to see

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The video of a melee at the I-X Center amusement park isn't amusing at all. It's downright disturbing. Even more troubling is that teens were able to use social media to organize the fight via Snapchat, even creating a post after this fight for another brawl to take place at the I-X Center.

The question is, how did something so dangerous and thought out go undetected?

Some parents are familiar with the big four -- Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram -- but there are even more apps out there. Many of these apps are designed for adults, but can be dangerous in the hands of children who are not monitored.

1. Audio Manager: The app is cleverly disguised to look like a music app, but it hides messages, pictures, videos, and even other apps.

2. Calculator +: Looks like a calculator, but it can hide messages, photos, and videos out of sight from mom and dad.

3. Vaulty: Bearing the name vault, the app is designed to hide photos and videos. In the apps description, it says it will snap a picture of anyone who tries to snoop and save the picture.

4. Omegle: It's a meet up app, able to meet with strangers. Many of the users ask for asl -- age, sex, and location -- right up front.

5. Blendr: Designed for people to meet up with others close by. Using GPS technology, you can chat, share pictures, and messages with people you don't know. The app is rated as mature, and does ask for an age, but anyone can fake it.

6. Snapchat: You can privately share messages, photos, and videos. The problem is, a lot of the data can be stored and then shared with others (nude pictures, racy messages, and videos).

7. Line: This app has a hidden chat feature.

8. Kik: Used as a way to text via instant messaging app. Once downloaded users can send videos and pictures to one another secretly with no parental controls.

9. Ask.fm.: This App is used exclusively by kids. The problem is the questions turn sexual and demeaning. Nine cases of suicide have been connected to Ask.fm in the U.S. and U.K. since 2012.

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